Camp & COVID-19

We know our COVID-19 policies have been on the minds of many of our families, and we really appreciate your patience as our new executive director has gotten settled and we have looked at all the information and recommendations around us. As you read the policies we below, we hope that you’ll keep in mind that our main goal is to send home healthy kids, and to do that, we need to bring healthy kids into camp and find ways to keep them healthy at camp. After extensive time, thought, and conversation, we believe that the below policies will do that in the best way. Our decisions are based on recommendations from the American Camp Association and information from other camp leaders. We have also attached these policies as a PDF.

Check In/Check Out
Check In and Check Out will remain drive through style for Summer 2022. Families will pull under the airnasium and be greeted by staff who will help them check in and out. Families are asked to remain in the vehicle at all times — our staff will take care of loading and unloading luggage and will conduct health checks while the camper is in the car. More detailed information about the processes will be sent out closer to time, but for now, we wanted to let families know that they’ll be asked to remain in the car.

All campers and staff will be required to submit negative results of a COVID-19 test taken within 48 hours of arrival of their respective session. This means that tests must be taken after Friday at 2:00pm. Tests may be PCR, Antigen or a Home Test. Test results should be uploaded to your CampBrain account.

  • YMCA Camp Immokalee will not be able accept campers who have not submitted a negative COVID-19 test within 48 hours of check-in.
  • Campers who are attending back to back sessions or participating in Stayover Weekends will not be required to test after their initial Check-In.
    • If campers attend sessions that are not back to back (for example, Sessions 1 and 3), they will be required to test each time.
    • Campers going home between sessions are asked to keep their potential exposure to a minimum. Please refrain from high risk activities like concerts, large crowds, etc.
  • Tests taken more than 48 hours prior to camp will not be accepted.
  • Vaccination status does not impact the testing requirement. Vaccinated campers and staff must still test prior to camp.

Temperature & Health Screenings
Prior to arriving at camp, please self-screen for the presence of symptoms (fever of 100.4° or greater, cough, shortness of breath, diarrhea, fatigue, headache, muscle aches, nausea, loss of taste smell, sore throat, sneezing, runny nose, and/or vomiting, etc.) within two weeks of arrival. If your camper has had a fever or illness within this time-frame or they’re testing positive for communicable illnesses, please contact our office to evaluate the best options for everyone’s health and wellness. Please use the CDC’s Quarantine/Isolation Calculator if needed.

During camper check-in, all campers are temperature checked in addition to lice and athlete’s foot checked during check-in, and then temperature checked daily.

Sanitizing & Misting
All commonly touched areas and equipment are sanitized between group uses, and all indoor camp areas are misted with a pressurized sanitizer machine that destroys airborne virus and bacteria particles anytime a camper displays any signs of illness.

Age Groups & Contact Tracing
Before 2020, all campers attended activities, met at flagpole, and ate together. Now, campers attend activities and meals in their Age Group. Age Groups are separated into Younger, Middle, and Older, and up to 60 campers may make up an Age Group. Campers in one Age Group are never within 6 feet of another Age Group. Campers will not be required to use masks while they are with any members of their age group. Using this Age Group approach, we are able to contact trace in the event of a COVID-19 case at camp.

During the last two years, we have often gotten the question “What age group will my camper be in?,” and unfortunately, we can’t provide that answer until a few days prior to your session. Age groups fluctuate each week based on the number of campers of each age attending the session. For example, Session 2 may have a LOT of 13-15 year olds, which would push 12 year olds into the Middle Group. Session 5 may have a LOT of 10 year olds, which would push 12 year olds into the Older Group. This is true for all ages and all sessions. We hope you understand!

We realize that this policy can be tough on siblings, family members, friends, etc. who attend the same session but are not close to the same age, but this system is an important part of us being able to run camp safely. Campers will see each other during big camp activities and are encouraged to wave (or yell!) from six feet apart. Please have a conversation about this policy with your camper before they attend camp to help manage their expectations.

Positive Tests & Remaining at Camp
In the event of a positive test, YMCA Camp Immokalee will work through contact tracing to have our counselors and health staff monitor symptoms and determine each camper’s situation on an individual basis, rather than by an entire groupFamilies will be notified in the event of a positive test and will be given options to allow their camper to continue with the program, wait and monitor, or test immediately. If a camper in an Age Group tests positive, we will recommend the remaining campers and staff within that age group to wear a mask around other Age Groups where large social distancing is not available. As most of our areas allow for social distancing, we expect this to be minimal. We expect this to happen minimally, and while we understand masking is not an ideal solution, we’re committed to helping our campers finish out their week at camp and this policy makes it possible.

If a camper tests positive and has to leave camp or if a camper chooses to leave camp after an exposure, we will issue a pro-rated refund.

If a camper presents two or more symptoms of COVID-19 (with a link to the CDC website on symptoms), they will be immediately isolated and caregivers will be contacted. In the event of this happening, caregivers are asked to pick up their camper as quickly as possible. If a camper tests negative after leaving camp, they can be readmitted during their session. If you plan to go on a vacation or trip during your camper’s time at camp, please have a designated pickup person on call to pick your camper up as quickly as possible. You can add people to your camper’s authorized pickup list through CampBrain.

Final Note
We know that COVID-19 policies can be controversial, and we realize that the above policies may not match what your school or other camps are doing. As we said earlier, our ultimate goal is to send home healthy campers, which means we have to bring healthy campers into camp and keep them healthy while they’re here. Overnight camp presents an environment very different from that of school or day camps, and with that comes additional risk. Our policies stem from the American Camp Association and industry experts. We hope you understand where we’re coming from and that we want the absolute best for all of our campers.

As a reminder, if you for any reason need to cancel your session, full refunds are available until May 15. After that time, deposits ($150 per session) are non-refundable.

We’re here to help! Email us at or give us a call at 352.473.4213.