Our Leadership

Our Camp Immokalee family is dedicated to making your child’s camp experience exciting, safe, and memorable. Our camp counselors, volunteers, and staff are dedicated to making sure that all kids have the opportunity to learn, grow, and thrive in a safe environment throughout camp. They are carefully selected for his or her character, commitment to youth development, and camping-related skills. A vigorous background screening process and drug test are required of all staff, and each must be certified in CPR/PR, Oxygen Administration, and First Aid, and all lifeguards are YMCA-LG certified. A medical staff person is on duty 24 hours a day while camp is in session.

Our leadership consists of our Camp Director, Assistant Program Director, Head Male and Female Counselor, and our C.I.T. Coordinator.

Our Counselors

The young men and women who serve as counselors at Camp Immokalee are truly outstanding individuals. More than just staff members, they are excellent role models, focused on the needs of our campers and committed to making camp a fun and safe place for everyone.  A minimum of two counselors are assigned to every cabin and activity.

Counselors are major part of what makes Camp Immokalee so special. Their passion and dedication to our campers ensure the best camp experience for new and returning campers. Many of our staff have been returning campers for decades, along with completion of our very own CIT Program. Through their dedication, service, and passion, they are the molds of a true Immokalean.

Our Volunteers

From Counselors in Training to Alumni to association staff, our volunteers are the true soul and passion of what we are. Like staff, volunteers are also put through a rigorous screening process. Spending long weekends, early morning and late nights on projects and tasks that make camp add the excellence of camp. We believe that humble servitude is crucial to effective leadership and making a positive influence on others.

Working at Immokalee

Working at Camp Immokalee is an experience like no other! Staff members are more than just friends and teachers; they are role models that will help shape and mold the minds of the campers that they encounter. At camp, you get to be an integral part of camp’s daily life including taking part and helping to run activities such as Challenge Course, Paintball, Fishing, and Arts and Crafts, as well as taking part in nightly activities, such as Capture the Flag and our weekly dance. But most importantly, you’ll enrich the experiences of the campers.

Campers always say that their time at camp was made the best due to the enthusiasm of the counselors. Nothing is more rewarding than making Camp Immokalee the best experience for each and every camper!

Position Requirements

The primary responsibility of every staff member at Camp Immokalee is to put the needs of the campers first, make them feel part of the group, resolve conflicts, help campers make friends and anticipate problems before they happen. All positions require being on your feet all day and out in the elements of a Florida summer. First Aid, Oxygen Administration, and CPR are required for all positions.


To apply for other camp positions such as Kitchen, Property, Housekeeping, and Administrative staff please contact us at camp by email at