March Madness

March Madness Referral Discount

March 1 – April 1

We are thrilled to introduce our March Madness Referral Discount! Over the years, we’ve noticed that our largest share of new campers come from our incredible ambassador families. To show our appreciation and to pack Summer 2024, we’re rewarding referrals with this new discount! From now until the end of March, for every new camper referral who has not previously attended our camp, referring camper families will receive a fantastic $50 off resident camp session fees. This discount is stackable (down to $300), so spread the word far and wide!


How does this work?

It’s simple! Tell your friends, have them sign up before April 1st, and make sure they put your attending camper’s name as the referral source! We’ll take care of the rest on our end! Please note that discounts will take time to be applied to ensure all referred campers attend their respective programs. *New-to-camp campers may only list one referral source. Referrals cannot be split between families/friends.


How many referrals can I get?

As many as you can! Your camper will get $50 off for each referred camper, all the way down to our established minimum of $300.00 per attending camper. If you have more than one child attending camp, you’re able to save even more by bringing more friends!


What if my camper’s friend also has a sibling?  Does that mean we’ll receive one or two discounts?

TWO!! This referral special applies to every camper that is new to summer camp! 


Can I get a referral discount if I am already getting an additional discount via scholarship?  

Yes you can! You can stack this referral special to get your final bill all the way down to the minimum of $300.


My camper attended multiple sessions! Can we keep referring friends to lower our family’s total cost? 

Yes you can! You can keep referring friends to where each session attending is down to the respective session minimum! 


What if I referred a family to camp earlier in the year?

We are so thankful for you being an ambassador for camp! Unfortunately, this referral special is only available to referred families from March 1 to March 31, 2024.  


What if I refer somebody for a two-week session? 

You’re in luck!  If you refer a friend for a two-week session (3 & 6), you’ll receive $100 off for each referral! *For two-week sessions, the minimum cost for families is $600.00 ($300 per week)


What do you mean “new to camp” camper?

New-to-camp means that this specific camper has never attended a YMCA Camp Immokalee camp program. This includes campers who have previously attended Halloween, Winter Camp, Mini-Camp, & Spring Break camps. *Younger/older siblings of current campers who have not previously attended camp are excluded from this referral special.


What if one of my referring friends cancels their attending session?

This referral special is only available as long as the referring campers attend summer camp. If there is a cancellation for any reason where we cannot reschedule their attending date, we’ll notify you of the update and add the $50 back to your account for payment. 


Can this referral be transferred to another camp program or season?

This referral special is only applicable for the 2024 summer camp programming. 


For any other clarifying questions, please contact our office at


If you would be interested in hosting a “camp party” in your home as a recruiting opportunity, please connect with us! We would love to be available to have our team attend and speak with families about summer camp!