Summer Overnight Camp Dates & Themes


While we originally planned to open registration today, October 1, we’ve made the decision to postpone opening registration.
We’ve heard the feedback that our registration and paperwork processes aren’t always easy for our adults registering campers for camp, and that experience, even before stepping foot at camp, is important to us. We’re currently looking at new systems that would streamline our processes and make signing up for camp more enjoyable for everyone involved.
Because we still need time to make a final decision and to work out logistics, we’re pushing our registration opening date to January 1. If we’re able to get it open sooner, we’ll send an email and post.
In the meantime, look for our 2021 dates and themes to be released tomorrow! We hope this will help you plan your summer even before registration opens.
Thanks for your patience and understanding! Message us any questions you have!

2021 Dates & Themes

Full Week Sessions

1 June 13-19 Star Wars
2 June 20-26 Color Wars
3 June 27- July 3 Olympics
4 July 4-10 Harry Potter
5 July 11-17 Medieval
6 July 18-24 Color Wars II
7 June 25-31 Cruisin’ at Camp
8 August 1-7 Spy Kids


YMCA Members YMCA Non-Members
PRICE $575 $640

Session Length: Sunday through Saturday (7 day/6 night)

Mini Camps

Designed for campers ages 5-10, our Mini Camps are the perfect way to try camp before committing to a whole week. Whether you have a 5 year old who’s only ready for a few nights of camp or a 10 year old who wants to try a few nights before committing to a whole week, it’s a great opportunity to get your feet wet at camp.

Mini Session 1 June 6-9 Fairytales
Mini Session 2 June 9-12 Under the Sea


YMCA Members YMCA Non-Members
PRICE $250 $300


Stayover Weekends

Stayover Weekends are back for 2021! Stayover Weekends help connect sessions, giving campers the ability to stay two, three, four, or even more weeks straight at camp. During this time, campers catch up on some much-needed rest and get to experience extra camp activities with a small group of campers and staff. Laundry service is included in the stayover fee.

Stayovers are designed just for our campers wishing to connect sessions. We are unable to provide stayovers for campers who only want one night of camp, who want to extend their stay by a night, or who want to come a night early.

Cost: $75 per stayover
Sessions Available: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, and 7

Ranch Camp

Join us at Ranch Immokalee for an unforgettable equestrian experience! Ranch Campers spend two hours per day at the barn learning how to ride, groom, feed, and tack our horses. Campers will get riding time each day (rain permitting).

Other than Ranch Camp, our campers select their own schedules for their time at camp. We value the independence, problem-solving, and decision-making this teaches our campers, but it does sometimes mean that Ranch Campers miss the opportunity to sign up for certain activities. If you have additional questions, please contact our office.

Cost: $150 per week
Sessions Available: All Weeklong Sessions

Trail Rides

Trail Rides provide campers a one-time opportunity to experience a ride on our camp horses! Trail Rides generally last for 20-30 minutes and take place once during the week. This add-on is a great opportunity to introduce campers to horseback riding or to give them a small equestrian experience.

Trail Rides do not interfere with the ability to do any other camp program. Campers can only sign up for one trail ride per session.

Cost: $25 per ride
Sessions Available: All Sessions (Including Mini Camps)

Pottery *New for 2021*

We’re excited to launch our pottery add-on for 2021! Campers who sign up for pottery will work with our pottery instructor for one hour each day to learn the craft and create fun projects.

Pottery will take the place of one free period per day, meaning the camper will have one less opportunity to hang out at the pool, visit the camp store, etc. They can still do these things once per day – just not twice.

Cost: $40 per week
Sessions Available: All Week-Long Sessions

Water Sports *New for 2021*

Our Water Sports add-on gives campers the opportunity to build wakeboarding and water skiing skills at camp! Campers will head to the lake for an hour each day to work with our water sports team and enjoy Lake Brooklyn.

Water Sports will take the place of either one free period per day or one activity period per day. Campers should still be able to sign up and experience all camp activities at other times of the day.

Cost: $100 per week
Sessions Available: All Week-Long Sessions

Beginner Swim Lessons *New for 2021*

YMCA Camp Immokalee is the perfect place for campers to build their swim safety and skills, and we’re excited to reintroduce swim lessons for 2021. Our swim lessons are targeted at beginner campers – those who have very little experience in water. They’re perfect for campers who may not come to camp ready to pass our swim test (tread water for one minute and comfortably swim across the pool).

Swim lessons take place in the morning before breakfast. This will require the camper to be up and ready just 30 minutes before our other campers. Swim lessons will not interfere with any other camp activities.

Cost: $50 per weeklong session; $30 per Mini Camp session
Sessions Available: All Sessions

Camp Store

Campers will have the opportunity to visit camp store TWICE each day for 2021! During camp store time, campers have the ability to purchase snacks (like ice cream, candy, chips, popcorn, and more), drinks (Gatorade, tea, etc.), and merchandise (shirts, fanny packs, plushies, and more). These purchases are made through a pre-paid camp store account. Before camp, parents choose a pre-determined amount to add to their camper’s account. Parents are contacted if a camper runs low on funds. Any funds left at the end of the week are rolled over to following camp sessions (in the same year only) or donated to camp if the camper isn’t returning. We are unable to issue camp store refunds.

Generally, we recommend $25-30 per week for camp store. For Mini Camp, we recommend $10-15. Camp store is not included in the cost of camp.

Teen Leadership Sessions (CIT)

Our counselor-in-training (CIT) program is designed for rising high school juniors and seniors. This program is a great way to build leadership skills, earn community service hours, and prepare to be a member of camp staff. 2021 information can be found here!

Basic Camp Information

  • Check In takes place on Sunday from 2-4 pm. We cannot accommodate early check ins. For late arrivals, please email us at
  • Check Out takes place on Saturday. We are still monitoring COVID-19 before making decisions about holding a Parent Program prior to pickup for 2021, and this impacts our Check Out time. However, pick up will take place sometime between 9 and 11 am. Stay tuned for exact times!
  • Check In and Check Out times will vary for Mini Camp. Please keep an eye out for emails with more Mini Camp-specific information.
  • Campers can request friends to be in their cabin, and we do our best to accommodate those requests. We do not honor requests for campers who are more than two years apart. Please limit your cabin requests to two per camper.
  • If your camper has a dietary restriction/food allergy, please note it on your registration. If it changes before camp, please let us know.
  • Immediately following registration, you’ll receive an email with more information with next steps.

Registration, & Parent Handbook

Our 2021 Parent Handbook will be available in February. Until then, feel free to peruse the 2020 Parent Handbook below!

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Parent Handbook

Health & Safety Information

PlayerSpace Help

Financial assistance is available for those who qualify.