Rentals & Retreats

Discover the possibilities!

For over 100 years, Camp Immokalee has been helping people develop life skills that prepare them for future success. Our retreat programs are built around your goals. Surrounded by 120 acres of woodland we develop our programs to meet your needs.

Our team building participants leave with a springboard to transfer the unity, cooperation, and teamwork experienced during their visit to their lives back home. Best of all, the laughing, playing, and working together promote a sense of camaraderie and pride that lasts well beyond the stay at camp.

Meeting YOUR Needs

Each year we serve over 5,000 participants in our Off Season programs ranging from colleges, like UNF, to special service groups, like Compassionate Families Inc. We serve church groups, youth groups, and many other organizations.

You can choose from a wide selection of recreational and team building programs that are designed to meet YOUR needs; you can customize the program to include as much or as little programming as you need- we focus on building and strengthening communities.

Our services can include full programming and housing to just a simple facility usage.  Our food service staff is happy to accommodate most food allergies and special dietary needs and will work with you to ensure that every participants needs are met.

Discover the difference!

No matter the needs of your group, our entire staff team is focused on ensuring that your stay at camp, no matter how short, makes memories that last a lifetime.

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