Water Bottle Partnership: Beaches Go Green & Donovan Heat & Air

In an effort to reduce pollution and do our part to steward our environment, YMCA Camp Immokalee provides a water bottle to each camper each year. In the past, these water bottles have been reusable plastic, making them usable for a week of summer but not great in the long run (or great for our environment). Lucky for us, a camp parent noticed this issue in 2020 and stepped up to provide not only great education but also a great partnership for Summer 2021. We’re excited to give each camper a reusable metal water bottle this summer – something that will last much longer, leave a better footprint on our environment, and be something campers want to use outside of camp!

Our new reusable metal water bottles have been made possible through incredible partnerships with Beaches Go Green and Donovan Heat & Air.

Beaches Go Green

Beaches Go Green is an incredible non-profit started by a camp parent! Their mission is to create awareness and education around the waste that we produce and how it impacts our planet, and they do this by encouraging people to take small steps to decrease their plastic consumption and overall waste. They educate the community through free events, and they’re even in some of our local high schools to get our youth involved in this important mission. During our conversations with their founder, we learned incredible things we’d never heard before. Beaches Go Green found the water bottles for us, found the additional sponsor for us, and really worked to make this happen. We are so appreciative of their partnership and are excited to take this small step toward decreasing our plastic consumption at camp!

Find out how you can get involved with Beaches Go Green here, or visit their store here!

Donovan Heat & Air

Reducing plastic consumption may be a small step, but for more than 900 water bottles, it wasn’t an inexpensive one for us to make. To make this dream a reality, Beaches Go Green helped us secure Donovan Heat & Air as an additional sponsor. They’re a locally-owned heating and air company that believes in helping the environment and supporting local non-profits. Donovan Heat & Air offers expert air conditioning and heating installation, repair, and maintenance by a skilled team of factory-trained professionals. We ask our camp families to keep Donovan Heat & Air and their generous support of camp in mind when considering their heat and air needs.

You can learn more about their services here.