Working at Camp

Working at Camp Immokalee is an experience like no other! Staff members are more than just friends and teachers —as role models, they help shape and mold the minds of the campers that they encounter. By leading activities and building camp community, staff members make camp magical.

Our staff members are paid a weekly stipend. Camp provides food and housing for employees.

Typical Day

On a typical day, staff members wear a variety of hats. Most staff members wake up in the cabin with around 12 campers, and they immediately begin by helping campers wake up and get ready. After breakfast, staff members lead different activities around camp, from canoeing to arts & crafts and more. These activities continue through most of the day. During these activities, staff members build community, problem solve, resolve conflict, and more. At night, staff members lead debriefs for our campers and help get them to bed.

Why Work at Camp

By choosing to work at camp, you’re getting a paycheck and an opportunity to change lives. But that’s not all you get! Camp is the perfect place to learn skills you’ll need in every aspect of your life. Communication? Check. Problem solving? Check. And there’s so much more. You’ll have endless stories to use in essays, applications, and interviews, and you’ll grow much more than you would stuck in an office all summer. To learn more about the value of working at camp, contact Allison Vining at

Position Requirements

The primary responsibility of every staff member at Camp Immokalee is to put the needs of the campers first, make them feel part of the group, resolve conflicts, help campers make friends and anticipate problems before they happen. All positions require being on your feet all day and out in the elements of a Florida summer. First Aid, Oxygen Administration, and CPR are required for all positions. We offer in-house trainings for those who may not have those certifications prior to camp.

Each summer, we hire for the following positions:

  • Cabin Counselors (20+)
  • Waterfront Coordinator (1)
  • Counselor-in-Training (CIT) Coordinator (1)
  • Head Cook (1)
  • Kitchen Assistant (5+)
  • Nurse (1)

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