Super Saturday Trips

Super Saturday Trip Information


2024 sees the return of Camp Immokalee’s Super Saturday Trips! Super Saturday Trips are limited availability programs where campers can sign up to travel with their friends and counselors to a local destinations and experience the adventure of camp in new settings!

2024 Destinations and Sessions

Session 3: Color Wars: Out of this World – Busch Gardens

Session 6: Wizarding World of Immokalee –¬†Islands of Adventure

Availability and Pricing

Each trip is limited to 45 campers due to safety protocols with transportation and supervision ratios. A waitlist will be available if all spots are filled, and campers will be offered spots off the waitlist on a first-come basis. If the waitlist reaches 25 campers or more, we will open another round of spots!

Super Saturday Trip – Busch Gardens: $150.00

Super Saturday Trip – Islands of Adventure: $180.00

Price includes:

  • Park admission
  • Transportation
  • Staffing
  • Unique Super Saturday shirt!
  • Group experience packages offered by parks

Price does not include:

  • Any in-park spending (souvenirs, snacks, etc.)
  • Lunch (we advise sending approx. $20 for lunch)
  • Fast-passes or quick-ride vouchers

Frequently Asked Questions

What does the timeline of a Super Saturday Trip look like?

Night prior – Early bed time!

5:15 AM – Campers wake up and quickly get ready!

5:30 AM – Grab and go breakfast

5:45 AM – Campers get into their groups with their counselors, and facecounts are done as they board the bus!

6:00 AM – Bus departs

8:30 – 9:00 AM – Bus arrives at Super Saturday destination

9:00 AM – 7:00 PM – Party in the parks!!

7:15 PM – Groups meet up at a pavilion outside of the park to enjoy sandwiches, chips, fruit, and drinks for dinner

7:45 PM – Bus departs for home

10:00 PM – Bus arrives back at Camp Immokalee

What do campers who have not opted into the Super Saturday experience do?

Campers who are not attending the trip will have their own adventure back at camp. This will include waterfront activities, zip line, a movie night, and more!

What are the counselor to camper ratios?

1:5 both on transportation and in the parks!

Can I send money for souvenirs or snacks with my camper?

Yes, however this must be turned in at check-in, sealed in an envelope with the campers name. We cannot hold onto cards, so this will need to be cash! Please remember, lunch is not provided in the park, so your camper will need at least $15-20 for that!

Additionally, any goods purchased in the park are the responsibility of the camper. We will encourage the campers to wait until the end of the day to make souvenir purchases but we cannot replace anything lost or stolen.

What is my cost if my camper has a season pass to the park?

Campers with a season pass will still have to pay the full price of the Super Saturday Trip. Because we are booking group packages, we cannot eliminate the cost of individual campers for park admission, transportation, staffing, etc.

Can I meet my camper in the park or chaperone the trip?

Campers and staff cannot add non-YMCA-approved individuals to their groups. This is to ensure the safety of every camper and no exceptions can be made. If you are a YMCA-approved volunteer that has been background checked and cleared through our association (First Coast YMCA), feel free to reach out about chaperoning!

Why are there only 45 spots available?

This number was selected to due limitations from a safety and transportation standpoint. We would like to keep staffing ratios lower on these trips than our normal camping experiences because of the inherent increased risk of leaving our campgrounds. We still must also have enough staff to provide an incredible experience for campers not opting into the Super Saturday experience. These factors led us to a 2-bus maximum for transportation to the park, with each bus holding 45 campers. Once the first bus fills and a waitlist of 25 or more campers builds, we will open a second bus!