Summer Resident Camp

Since 1909, Camp Immokalee has been providing safe, fun, and high quality summer resident camp programs for youth in Florida and around the world. Immokalee campers learn to care for themselves, others, and the world around them while building life and activity skills through camp activities. Grit, gratitude and character are 21st-century skills every young person will need to succeed, and our camp activities are carefully designed to get kids out of their comfort zone and develop leadership skills while building community and having fun.

Campers live in cabins with other campers of their own age and gender identity, and under the guidance of their assigned camp counselor. Cabin life teaches young people self sufficiency, contributing to a small community, and stewardship of their cabin and camp.

All sessions provide opportunities for campers to participate in a wide variety of activities that will help them explore new ideas and skills as well as time to participate in their favorites. Some activities are enjoyed with their activity group, which is a co-ed group of campers the same age range. Other activities campers select as a cabin or as an individual. The goal of all activities at camp is to help campers build relationships, develop skill, and to cultivate a sense of belonging to something bigger than themselves.

Immokalee provides campers with the opportunity to immerse themselves in nature, and through that experience, learn about themselves and connect with others. With this purpose in mind, we keep Immokalee a tech free zone. Cell phones and other media devices are not allowed at camp in order to protect the privacy of all campers and to prevent campers from immersing in a screen instead of in the camp environment and community. Digital or disposable cameras are welcome, and allow campers to select what images they would like to share with friends and families after their time at camp is over.

Activities Include:

  • Archery
  • Arts & Crafts
  • BB’s
  • Canoeing
  • Kayaking
  • Climbing Wall
  • Outdoor Cooking
  • Evening Campfires
  • Fishing
  • Horseback Riding
  • Songs and Skits
  • Nature and Outdoor Living Skills
  • Team Building Activities
  • Sports and Games
  • Songs and Skits
  • Zip line
  • And  much more!

Registration Begins: February 1, 2019

Program Options

Mini Camp

Ages: 6-8
Cost (per week): Members $175/ Non-member $195

Session length: Sunday through Tuesday (3 day 2 night)

Sessions Available: 1,2 and 5

Junior Camp
Ages: 8-13

Junior 1 Week Sessions

Cost: Members $530/ Non-member $580

Session Length: Sunday through Saturday (7 day/6 night)

Sessions Available: All

Junior 2 Week Sessions

Cost: Members $1150/ Non member $1255

Sessions Available: 2/3; 4/5, 6/7

Senior Camp
Ages: 14-17

Senior 1 Week Sessions

Cost: Members $530/ Non-member $580

Session Length: Sunday through Saturday (7 day/6 night)

Sessions Available: All

Senior 2 Week Sessions

Cost: Members $1150/ Non member $1255

Sessions Available: 2/3; 4/5, 6/7

Teen Leadership Sessions (CIT) 

Ages: 16-17

Cost: Members $1150/ Non member $1255

Session Length: 2 Weeks (14 days/13 nights)

Sessions Available : 2/3; 4/5; 6/7

Ranch Camp Add-On

Ages: 8-15

Cost: $150

Sessions Available: All Junior and Senior sessions

Horseback Trail Ride Add-On

Ages: 8-15

Cost: $25

Sessions Available: All Junior and Senior sessions


Session Dates

Mini Sessions

Session 1: June 9-11

Session 2: June 23-25

Session 6: July 21-23

Junior and Senior One Week Sessions

Session 1: June 9-15

Session 2: June 23-29

Session 3: June 30-July 6

Session 4: July 7-13

Session 5: July 14- 20

Session 6: July 21-27

Session 7: July 28- August 3

Junior and Senior Two Week Sessions and Teen Leadership/CIT Sessions

Session A: June 23- July 6

Session B: July 7- July 20

Session C: July 21- August 3


Registration, Forms & Parent Handbook

Please review the PROGRAM HANDBOOK  to learn about our check in and out procedures, what to pack for camp, and other information to prepare for your camper’s adventure at Immokalee.

Please REGISTER and MAKE PAYMENT through the link below.
Register Online
Also, COMPLETE THE HEALTH HISTORY FORMS, through links below.
Health Forms
Parent Handbook

Please send all registration forms to this address:
Camp Immokalee Business Office
6765 Immokalee Road
Keystone Heights, FL 32656
Fax: 352.473.7106
Phone: 352.473.4213

Financial assistance is available for those who qualify.