Camp Extras & Camp Store

2023 Camp Extras

Stayover Weekends

Stayover Weekends are available for Summer 2023!

Cost: $75 per stayover
Sessions Available: Sessions 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, and 9

Must be enrolled for both sessions to qualify for the stayover option on Saturday, (example: if a camper is enrolled Sessions 2, 4, 5, and 8, they can only choose the stayover option for Session 4).

Ranch Camp – Limited Availability – Only 8 Spots per Session

Join us at Ranch Immokalee for an unforgettable equestrian experience! Ranch Campers spend two hours per day (weather permitting) at the barn learning how to ride, groom, feed, and tack our horses. We do our best to get campers riding time each day (weather permitting).

Other than Ranch Camp, our campers select their own schedules for their time at camp. We value the independence, problem-solving, and decision-making this teaches our campers, but it does sometimes mean that Ranch Campers miss the opportunity to sign up for certain activities. If you have additional questions, please contact our office.

Cost: $150 per week
Sessions Available: All Sessions

Trail Rides – Limited Availability

Trail Rides provide campers a one-time opportunity to experience a ride on our camp horses! Trail Rides generally last for around 20 minutes and take place once during the week. This add-on is a great opportunity to introduce campers to horseback riding or to give them a small equestrian experience.

Trail Rides do not interfere with the ability to do any other camp program. Campers can only sign up for one trail ride per session.

Cost: $25 per ride
Sessions Available: All Sessions

Water Sports – Limited Availability – Only 15 Spots per Session

Our Water Sports add-on gives campers the opportunity to build wakeboarding and water skiing skills at camp! Campers will head to the lake for an hour each day (weather permitting) to work with our water sports team and enjoy Lake Brooklyn.

Water Sports will take the place of either one free period per day or one activity period per day. Campers should still be able to sign up and experience all camp activities at other times of the day.

Cost: $125 per week
Sessions Available: All Sessions

Camp Store

Campers will have the opportunity to visit camp store each day for 2021! During camp store time, campers have the ability to purchase snacks (like ice cream, candy, chips, popcorn, and more), drinks (Gatorade, tea, etc.), and merchandise (shirts, socks, hats, plushies, and more). These purchases are made through a pre-paid camp store account. Before camp, parents choose a pre-determined amount to add to their camper’s account. On Wednesday evening parents will receive an email if their camper has $5 or less in funds. Any funds left at the end of the week are rolled over to following camp sessions (in the same year only). If the camper is not returning, all unused funds are non-refundable, as we are unable to issue camp store refunds.

Generally, we recommend $25-30 per week for camp store. For Mini Camp, we recommend $10-15. Camp store is not included in the cost of camp.