Getting Ready

There are a few things that you can do to get ready for camp life.

  1. Give your family and friends your address and ask them to send letters. For some people, it can be hard to imagine life without a computer or a cell phone, but don’t worry! Life at camp is full of fun things to do and interesting people to meet, so it is pretty easy to do without internet or phone service. Receiving mail at camp is fun and a great way to stay in touch with people from home.
  2. Think about the things that you will like about camp. Are there new activities that you want to try?  Are you excited to learn to waterski, sleep out under the stars, or make new friends? Focus on what you are looking forward to about camp.
  3. Express any concerns that you have to your parents or to the Immokalee staff. The Immokalee staff members are here to help!  If you are concerned about a certain aspect of camp, express those concerns and get your questions answered.
  4. Print out and take with you some pictures of your family, friends, pets, or favorite things. This way you can share stories with your new friends and personalize your bunk.
  5. Give yourself time to pack so you don’t feel rushed.
  6. Visit the Camp Schedule page to make sure that you have everything you need and that you know what to expect.

Program Handbook

You can find answers to your questions and some helpful hints in our program handbook!
Program Handbook

What to Bring to Camp

These are just optional items of course, but many you will find will be necessary for your camper. We suggest a light sleeping bag as that will eliminate the need for alternate bedding besides a sheet. We also suggest marking all your personal belongings, so they will all come home with you at the end of the week.

  • Bedding (twin size)
  • Pillow
  • Towels (for shower and lake use)
  • Wash cloths
  • Bathing suits
  • Underwear
  • Shorts
  • Socks
  • T-shirts
  • Rain gear
  • Tennis shoes/closed toe shoes
  • Shower shoes
  • Soap
  • Toothbrush
  • Toothpaste
  • Shampoo
  • Brush
  • Sunblock/suntan lotion
  • Insect Repellent
  • Flashlight
  • Stationary supplies for writing home: pencils, paper, envelopes, stamps, etc.
  • Hat or cap for sun protection

Campers participating in Ranch Camp or Trail Ride also need to bring at least one pair of long pants or jeans.

Talking to Your Camper

Open and honest conversations before camp can help make a camper’s experience even better. Ask your camper how they’re feeling about camp, what they’re excited for, etc. If a camper is nervous or anxious, that’s okay! Many people feel like that when going to camp for the first (or even fifteenth time). It’s important to know that homesickness isn’t a bad word, and it’s something that many people experience. However, campers can get through it!

Avoid telling your camper that you’ll pick them up if they don’t like or going too much into how you’ll miss them. While it seems comforting, campers tend to cling to statements like this instead of letting go and trying to have fun. Help your camper by letting them know you’ll miss them but you’re very excited for the experience they’ll have. Talk about activities together. Ask what questions your camper has or what they feel nervous about, and reach out to us to find those answers before time. We’re on your team to help your camper be successful!

If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to:
Call us at 352.473.4213
Email us at