Health & Safety Information

Commitment to Safety

YMCA Camp Immokalee and the First Coast YMCA are committed to keeping our campers safe as they grow with us. We screen and train our dedicated staff to help them provide the best and most safe experience possible, and we test, maintain, and check our facilities and outdoor equipment frequently.

Health Center Care & Staff

In addition to all of our staff being First Aid and CPR certified, we also have an on-site health center. Our health center manager distributes daily medication and provides First Aid to campers and staff. Our health center staff will administer approved over-the-counter medications when necessary. We keep these medicines stocked in the health center, so please do not send them with your camper.

Prescription Medicine

If your camper needs prescription medicine while at camp, please send only the amount needed for camp in the original container. You will drop this off at check-in and pick it up at check-out. Medicine is typically distributed at breakfast, at lunch, at dinner, and right before bed. Please speak with the health center manager during your health check if you need alternate times.

If you are questioning whether to keep your camper on a certain medication while at camp, please feel free to reach out to our camp office. Generally, we recommend following whatever protocol you would follow if your camper was alone at home with you during the summer.

Camp Meals

We are happy to accommodate most food allergies, and we provide alternatives at each meal for picky eaters. Vegetarian options are included with each meal.

If your camper has a food allergy, it’s extremely important you submit the paperwork (including in the Medical Form) by the May 1st.  If this information changes, please contact us and update this information at least two weeks prior to the session so that we can plan properly. If the allergy is not noted two weeks prior to coming to camp, you may be asked to send food along with your camper. Our kitchen staff will happily prepare food you send!

Water Safety

We following the First Coast YMCA’s incredible aquatics policies for our lifeguards at camp. All lifeguards undergo Y-USA Lifeguard training, participate in monthly aquatic in-services, and receive weekly skills checks from our aquatics director.

Equestrian Activities

We have five horses, a mini horse, a goat, and a cat at our YMCA Camp Immokalee barn! Each Ranch Camp and Trail Ride camper wear a helmet while on our horses. Our barn staff knows our campers and horses, and they match campers and horses accordingly.

Challenge Course

Our challenge course is inspected and repaired annually by an outside vendor, and our staff undergoes annual training to ensure their skills are sharp.

Inclusion at Camp

As part of the Y movement, we stand by our mission statement: “To put Christian principles into practice through programs that build a healthy spirit, mind and body for all.” In being for all, we believe that every child deserves the chance to experience the joy and magic of summer camp. In order to ensure the success of every child at camp we:

  • Train staff to focus on including campers of all abilities and backgrounds with a philosophy of “Challenge By Choice” attitude.
  • Encourage campers to try activities that they have never done before.
  • Encourage campers’ development as they try and try again. Not everyone leaves with a trophy, but every camper will leave with experience in perseverance.
  • Utilize experienced counselors-in-training to help us provide additional support to campers who may need it.

Inclusion services can include (but are not limited to):

  • Pre-camp meetings with parents and campers that allow us to get to know your child and allow your child to get to know camp before the summer even begins.
  • Ongoing communication with parents throughout the summer.
  • Ongoing staff training and supervision promoting best practices in accommodations, social skill building, behavior management, etc.
  • Individualized accommodations designed to help your child succeed (e.g., picture schedules; social stories; positive behavior plans).

To arrange for specific inclusion services, please reach out at