Learn more about our 2020 themes!

These incredible themes add a little something extra to the week and help give camp favorite games and activities a little twist. While they’re a lot of fun, they don’t change the essence or traditional offerings of camp!

Session 1: Camper vs. Wild (June 7-13)

It’s a wild world out there – can you survive? Build forts, forage for prizes, and learn survival techniques. Cabins will compete against each other and the wild to see who can outwits, outplays, and outlasts.

Session 2: Color Wars Ultimate Edition (June 14-27)

Our all-time favorite camp theme is making a comeback in 2020 – yes, Color Wars is returning to YMCA Camp Immokalee for an INCREDIBLE two-weeks of comradery and competition. Cabins will be paired together, given a color, and go head to head in awesome games and activities. Which color will reign supreme? Come find out!

Session 3: Olympics (June 28 – July 4)

Throughout the week, countries (cabins) will engage in competitions to see who brings home the most gold! Show your spirit by wearing your country’s colors, learn about your country’s culture, represent your country in different competitions, and work with teammates to win big. If you love friendly competition, this is the week for you!

Session 4: Harry Potter (July 5-18)

Muggles will transform into witches and wizards during this magical two-week session. Jump on board the Hogwarts Express and experience magical classes, Hogsmeade field trips, Quidditch matches, and more. This is a session you don’t want to miss (trust us, you don’t want a howler!).

Session 5: Wet & Wild (July 19-25)

We’re taking an average camp week and making it wetter and wilder than ever! Capture the Flag with water balloons, Chaos with messier activities than ever, new wet and wild games, and so much more will make this an unforgettable week of camp.

Session 6: Color Wars (July 26 – August 1)

The most extreme, most competitive, and most loved week at YMCA Camp Immokalee is back for 2020! Cabins will be paired together and given a color, and colors will go head-to-head in extreme games and activities throughout the week. Which color will reign supreme? Come help us find out!

Session 7: Camp Rock (August 2-8)

When the music calls, you’ve got to answer! In this session, each cabin will create their own band name and look and compete in challenges throughout the week. We’ll also offer additional musical activities this week, so bring your instruments and get ready to rock!

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