Help spread the word about camp and save!

We know that many of our camp families can’t stop talking about camp, and we want to show you our appreciation for that! We’re excited to launch or 10×10 programs, which will help both you and your friends save!

The program is simple. Email us at cimmokalee@fcymca.org to let us know you’re interested, and we’ll set you up a special discount code. You can hand that code out to as many friends as you want, and your friends will receive 10% off one session of camp for one camper. You’ll also receive 10% off for every friend who uses your code, up to 100% one session of camp. That’s right! If 10 friends use your code, your camp is FREE!

There are a few more details:

  • Codes can only be given to NEW campers. If a returning camper uses your code, we will remove the discount and you will not receive a discount. Siblings of returning campers do not count.
  • New families can only use the discount for one week of camp for one family per household.
  • For your discount, it only applies to one session of camp for one camper. If you have three campers and refer three friends, you could choose to apply a 10% discount to each camper or a 30% discount to one camper.
  • If you have already paid some amount (whether the discount or in full) and want to refer friends, we are happy to issue you refunds based on your discount.
  • Campers must have attended camp at least once before to be eligible to get a 10×10 code.
  • We ask that families not use their own code.
  • If you are recruiting families, your discount can stack on top of your military discount. However, new families cannot use your code and receive the military discount.

To sign up, just email us at cimmokalee@fcymca.org and say you want to sign up for the 10×10 program!

Thanks for sharing your love of camp!